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I don’t normally accept random LinkedIn requests unless they come with an introductory message. In January I broke my ‘rule’ – and I’m glad I did. Mark Philpott, I learnt is a 58 year old Kiwi resident in Cancun and has set himself a goal of being age group World Champion at ultra running in three years’ time in Chamonix.

To get miles under his belt he is doing three ultra runs starting on May 8th when he sets off from Land’s End for John O’Groats – eta 70 days and 1,000 miles later. Mark is using the event to raise the topic of mental health in sport and my LinkedIn profile suggested I could help.

I have been delighted to do so. My primary involvement has been to introduce the rugby charity LooseHeadz www.loosheadz.com whose aim is to tackle the stigma of mental health in the community game. Hence the event title ‘RunForRugby 23.’

I have also introduced Mark to some partners such as www.helpmeAngela.com who will offer safety and security to both Mark and Luisa (Mrs P and support driver) through 24/7 tracking and emergency help and The Legal Director www.thelegaldirector.co.uk a national network of legal professionals who will help to underwrite the costs of this event.  More information about RunForRugby23 can be found here along with contact details if you are interested in supporting Mark.